Our greenfield proposal is to build a brand new port at St Vincent Bay on Jervis Inlet to replace much of the current Port of Vancouver and eliminate the need for Terminal 2 at Roberts Bank. 

Jervis Inlet is about 40 nautical miles north of Vancouver.

Vessels will access Jervis Inlet as they do Vancouver.  From the Strait of Juan de Fuca they will traverse Haro Strait and Boundary Passage and enter Georgia Strait east of Saturna Island and proceed north to the entrance of Malspina Strait and then to Jervis Inlet and St. Vincent Bay

The shoreside real estate at St. Vincent Bay is estimated to be 2400 hectares (5928 acres) compared to Vancouver’s 1000 hectares. Additional land at nearby Vancouver Bay and Goliath Bay will expand the land base to close to 5000 hectares (12,350 acres), when required well into the future.   

Excavation at St. Vincent Bay

The plan here is to bring the terrain to an elevation of ten metres above high tide to form a large foreshore of about 2,400 hectares. This would be accomplished by leveling Elephant Point, in the middle of the chart (right) and Culloden Point, toward the bottom.

We have consulted with excavating experts and obtained preliminary estimates that the likely amount of excavation would be about 1.8 million cubic metres, and that drilling and blasting, at $15 per metre would run to about $27 million. They further estimate that placing the material so as to level the foreshore would cost two or three times that. Therefore the preliminary cost estimate has been pegged at $100 million.   Some of this excavation work may be completed by aggregate mining operations during the planning stages of the port development.