Westbound export freight on CN, CP and the Trans Canada Highway converge at Kamloops and proceed to nearby Ashcroft (about 50 miles) before turning south to Vancouver.  It is here, in the Kamloops – Ashcroft area, that westbound trains will be marshalled into final Asian or other overseas destinations for shipment from St. Vincent Bay at Jervis Inlet.

Ashcroft – Kamloops is the perfect place to conduct any transloading operations that may be required.  The semi-arid climate and slight snowfall present ideal conditions. 

It is a relatively close and congestion free haul from Jervis Ports.  Outward bound exports and inbound imports can quickly be transferred to and from the port area and marshalled into overseas or domestic destinations.  There is abundant cheap land for efficient operations.

From these marshalling yards, rail traffic moving to St. Vincent Bay at Jervis Inlet will generally follow Highways 1 & 97 north for about 12 km beyond Cache Creek before turning west on Highway 99 to the village of Pavilion and the Fraser River.  This new rail of about 60 km will then join the existing CN line and proceed together with Highway 99 to Lillooet.  

The distance from Ashcroft to Pavillion, and the existing CN line, is about 57 km and from Pavillion to Lillooet is an additional 32 km for a total of 89km for this leg.

Elevation changes & Distances: Ashcroft to Lillooet

Cache Creek470m
Pavillion Lake840m

Senior management at CN has advised us that there are inefficiencies on this line. Accordingly, they prefer to minimize its use.  The main inefficiencies are excessive curves and gradient issues particularly in the Pemberton area. We have confirmed this issue in consultation with senior rail engineers. It will be addressed when we are preparing terms of reference (TOR) when designing requests for proposals (RFPs) during the preparation of our business plan. This overall plan will consider the planning and construction period and the first few years of operations. 

From Lillooet to Pemberton existing rail lines northwest of Seton and Anderson Lakes will carry on to Pemberton. Some upgrading of this portion of the line may also be in order.  

Highway 99, from Lillooet may also require some upgrading. This section traverses Duffey Lake Provincial Park and rejoins the rail route at Mt. Currie and Pemberton

Lillooet to Pemberton

Elevation changes & Distances: Lillooet to Eastgate

52m90km- (note)
East Gate46m
Lillooet to Ashcroft

From Pemberton, the railway and Highway 99 are generally parallel to one another as they continue south for about 73 kms to the East Gate of the new corridor at the Squamish River near Brackendale. It is our understanding that the CN line is more efficient from Pemberton to the East Gate of our corridor.

Pemberton through Whistler to East Gate